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Hey world, let’s read together

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Hey world, let’s read together

I have a bunch of books already on my summer reading list, but come September I would love to set up a skype date or in-person NYC lounge fest to talk about our summers and any of the books on this Darling Magazine list that we end up reading.

For the next two weeks I will be in a predominantly French speaking area and will only allow myself to read French material. After that fun journey I will resume my reading list. There are at least five books on this list that I’m interested in. Do you see one of the eight that you would like to read? I’m totally down for swapping book thoughts and being able to cover all of this material (plus whatever else is on your reading list) without actually reading it all. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.



Tonight I had one of those moments I have
been subconsciously waiting for,
to find happiness captured in a bottle
that was placed in the ocean; with a bottle
made out of play and whimsical longing. I found
that I was not the only one

This bottle sailed along.
It sailed until reaching me.
It passed the little twitter whale.
It underwent a bloggers watchful eye.
It found

Best April Fools

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You never know what you’re going to get from New York City, and this offer from one of our food delivery websites is a plausible endeavor. Good job, Seamless.

Too close to home

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Too close to home


I learned that the problem was me
Then I learned that the problem was sin
And then I learned that I wasn’t repenting
And when I don’t repent I don’t repent about other things
And then I just stop doing things in general

So I bought the new Sally Lloyd Jones book
Because I wanted my heart to sing
And when my heart sings I start to remember
And then I start to act

And then somehow I repeat the cycle

There are times in which I wish I could go backwards in. Back to the house on the cliff that overlooks the beach. The first few months of being independent of parental regulation. Having the feeling of being so terribly comfortable lying in bed. Then feeling the desire and need to get up and kneel at the bedside. To kneel because it had made more sense to sacrifice simple comfort. To be thanking God for life. Of having a life that felt so new, and full of questions, struggling to adjust, and happy to be a part of an unknown journey.

That journey that had happened in the past has not ceased to the latter. New philosophies, emotions, friends, and streets have been introduced to this journey. Those times created a way for these times.

Here they are.